We are an NABL accredited test lab that provide EMI/EMC testing for your electrical and electronic products.

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Stages of EMC Testing

To ensure your product passes through the EMC compliance, the EMC Testing should be conducted in various stages of the life of the product. Breaking the EMC Test into different stages is useful as the requirements of each stage differ slightly from each other. Stages of EMC Testing There are 4 stages of EMC Testing:Continue reading “Stages of EMC Testing”

Difference Between EMC and EMI

The terms electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) being related in so many ways, are often assumed to be the same when referring to the regulatory testing of electronic consumer goods and components. However, both the terms, though confused to be the same, are different from each other. All electronic devices generate some amountContinue reading “Difference Between EMC and EMI”

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

What is Electromagnetic Interference? Electromagnetic Interference or EMI is caused by one electronic or electrical device to another through the electromagnetic fields setup by its operation. There are various forms of EMI which can affect the circuits and restrain them from functioning in the way they were intended. Sometimes also referred as radio frequency interferenceContinue reading “Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)”

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